No-Code Tool that Exports your Webflow Site to GitHub Automated, Dramatically Improves Pagespeed and Hosts it on any Server you want

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Three SImple Steps


How It Works

Automatic Detection

Each time you update your Webflow Site, Stacket will automatically detect the change


Stacket optimizes your Site and applies Latest Technologies for example WebP Images

Upload to GitHub

After optimizing the Website, the changes are published to GitHub. Next, it will be automatically uploaded to your own Server




Automated Export to GitHub

Export your Webflow Site Automatically to GitHub after each change

Connect to any Server

Link your Site to Vercel or Netlify With No-Code

Automatic Image Optimization

Increase Website Speed by Converting all Images to WebP and AVIF

Export CMS

Turn your Webflow CMS Blog into a static website without any additional latency

Lazy Loading Images

Save Bandwith by using the right Lazy Loading Technique for your Images

Lazy Loading Videos

Big Showcase Videos will only appear after your website have been fully loaded

Lazy Loading Iframes

Eliminate rendering-blocking Iframes such as YouTube Videos

Inlining CSS Styles

Dramatically Improve your Site Rendering Performance

Intelligent Prefetching

Intelligent Prefetches all links on your Page with Performance in Mind

Async Javascript Loading

Load your Tracking Files after the Page Load

Multi-Folder Structure

Stacket creates beautiful Folder Structures like /blog/my-post

Track Design Changes

See the exact Webflow Design changes before they reach your Production Environment



Accelerated Website Performance

Unlock Advanced Performance for example WebP Images to get blazing-fast websites

Avoid Expensive Webflow Costs

Get around of Webflow Costs by hosting your Static Site on Free Jamstack Providers. Add Security Headers and Create sitemap.xml for free

Connect to any Server from GitHub

Host your website today on Netlify and tomorrow on Google with No-Code

GDPR Compliance

Publish your site wherever you want. Fulfil law requirements by hosting the website in your own datacenter

Maintain Granular Control of your Code

Get Code-Level Access to your Webflow Site and see exactly what is going on behind the scenes

Version Control Of Your Website

Store unlimited of versions of your website in the most popular version control system Git. Rollback to day 1 with a click

View Exact Design Changes at Code Level

Track each Webflow Design Update. Detect Layout Issues before it reachs the Production

Our Packages


A new Pay-As-You-Go Pricing




Unlimited Changes

1 Webflow Project

Custom Security Headers

Create any Stack upon GitHub

GitHub Branching

Export CMS Pages

Unlimited Free Backups

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Collaborators

Support via Discord

Support via E-Mail





All In Free +

Remove Stacket Branding

Automatic Sitemap

GitHub Organizations

Track Design Changes





All In Advanced +

Automatic Image Optimization (WebP)

Automatic Image Optimization (AVIF)

Automatic GIF Optimization

Google Pagespeed Booster

Inline CSS

Lazy Loading Images

Lazy Loading Videos

Lazy Loading Iframes

Async Javascript Loading

Intelligent Prefetching

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Ayodeji Balogun

UI Designer & Webflow Developer

This is an amazing product. After a friend of mine mentioned it at LinkedIn, I signed up and connected my website as well, and then I canceled my Webflow hosting plan. It was such a smooth experience.
Thank you!

Dexter Washington

Creative Director

When I was introduced to Stacket and launched my first project with it, I instantly knew it was going to change our project launches for good. We launch high end web projects, and each time Stacket has been a reliable tool that saves money and gives us faster load speeds than Webflow's use of AWS

Preston Harris

Engineering Student

For a beginner web developer trying to add deeper functionality into my weblow project, Stacket helped me transition my simple webflow site into exactly what I wanted with ease. Highly recommend!

Louis Nell

UX Designer

As an app development company its really important for us to have a website that represents our high quality standards. Building this through webflow made it easy for us but we where lacking in performance with webflow hosting. Through Stacket we were able to create a super fast and fully automated pipeline to release our website to cloudflare. This improved our websites performance to be loaded within a second! 10/10 would recommend

Dustin McMurry


Stacket made my transition from Webflow to my own server a breeze. My main concern was losing CMS during the transfer. Not only did Stacket keep my CMS intact, but all of my forms still work without any refactoring
Stacket gets ALL the stars!


Bold Community founder

Stacket really helped us with their cost effective and best solution to export our site from Webflow to git. So easy to setup and a simple plugin solution. There is no going back once you go Stacket. They made our work breeze when it came to constant design changes and hosting via git. Thanks Stacket team :)

ask us



Can I cancel my Webflow Site Plan?

Yes, you can save money through Stacket. In most cases you don't even need an Workspaces Plan.

Will forms continue to work?

Yes, you will continue to see Client Requests of your Website in your Webflow Dashboard as usual.

Is CMS supported?

Yes, The Webflow CMS is supported by Stacket. Means you can host your Blog without having to think about it.

Will Memberstack and login systems work?

Yes, all client-side Login Systems like Memberstack will continue to work! Wu-hu!

Is Coding required?

No! Stacket is a No Code Tool which offers a beautiful dashboard where you can create and manage your projects very easily.

Where can I host my exported website?

Everywhere! You can host the exported website on any Stack and Platform you want.

Is there a limitation of my Webflow Project?

No! All forms, animations, custom code will continue to work.

Are the plans yearly/monthly?

Our plans are monthly. You can cancel at any time you want.

It is difficult to setup a Webflow Project with Stacket?

No. Setting up projects takes about 1 minute. Create your project, link your Webhook URL at your Webflow Project Settings and Publish to fill your repository!

Do I have control over my GitHub Repository?

Yes, we maintain the GitHub Repository in your Personal or Organization Account.

Stacket only have pull/push access to it, to ship updates.

What is AVIF?

The AV1 Image format, or AVIF, is the latest image codec on earth. AVIF is an optimized image format which was created to make our images smaller while keeping the same quality (lossless).

Stacket is the only software in the world that offers Automatic Image Optimization for AVIF with fallback support for standalone and background images.

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